"3 weeks after VGB food choices are easy and I don't crave lemon meringue pie anymore :)"


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Kirstie's lost 8 kilos

Things are going well I've lost about 8 kilos now and have kept it off. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the VGB sessions. I couldn't have done it without your help and I was so surprised with the results after trying many different diets with little to no success.

I am looking forward to reaching my first goal of 10 kilos but I now after completing VGB, I know nothing is impossible to set small achievable goals and don't forget to reward yourself for achieving these goals.  A big thank you Julie I couldn’t have done it without you.  Kirstie xx


Taz lost 22 kilos

The Virtual Gastric Band allowed him to control his portions - he was able to decrease his food consumption, he ate healthy food, exercised every day, drank water and never lost motivation.


Cheryl's lost 10 kilos

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Julie Mac and the VGB clinics for sending me on a journey to find the new me (healthier, happier and now losing weight) I’ve struggled with my weight for 20 plus years having tried just about every diet and even had tried weight loss pills prescribed by the doctor with no success.

I have done the VGB and my weight has dropped down by 10kgs in 6 short weeks.  I’m eating only ¼ to ½ of what I was eating and have even given up drinking soft drink.  I now exercise every day without complaining.  So I'm already wearing clothes that I havcen't been able to fit into for years and I'm looking foward to when I walk into the shops and buy off the rack in normal sizes rather than buying clothes from plus size shops.

So, thanks again Julie for helping me realise that I can achieve my goals of beoming a small me. 


 Rachel lost 4 kilos - Workshop then a further 6 kilos

NOW six weeks later and she has lost a further 6 kilos - total of 10 kilos and she looks FANTASTIC.


Jennifer lost 3 kilos then continued to lose weight, total lost is 45 kilos

The VGB workshop rewired my thinking - totally changed her behaviours and habits towards food. Such a relief and mind opening - lost over 3kilos. NOW can leave food on my plate. Easy to eat healthy food. Thankyou for 'taking the monkey off my back". Easier now to reach my goal weight.

Jennifer now 18 months later and still losing - 40 kilos

When I came to Julie I was overweight and feeling miserable.  I wanted to change and I knew that I had to eat less, exercise more but I lacked the motivation and did not understand why I  had put myself in this position.  Until I met Julie…. The VGB program was the kick start I needed and listening to the CD every day moved me to eat less and go to the gym more and I now understand why I had blocked my own progress… 18months later I have lost 40 kgs. Listening to Julies calming voice every day has motivated me and still does to now maintain my goal weight.
I thank you for making my journey easier… could not have done it without you, thank you Julie!
Jennifer – Castle Hill

Give Julie a call and she can answer your questions 1300 440 163


Diane lost 5.5 kilos

VGB Workshop - helped Diane eat small meals - lost 5.5kilos - felt very safe using the hypnosis - the sense of absolute freedom - free from the reasons of why she was overeating - highly recommend Julie Mac and the Virtual Gastric Band.


Belinda's success

Belinda struggled with many weight loss diets without long lasting success. The VGB clicked something in her mind and now she is back in control.


Kate and her 1st Week

Join Kate on her weight loss journey using the Virtual Gastric Band with Julie Mac. Kate talks about her changes and how natural it is now to eat smaller amounts of food - her weight loss is just falling off.

Kate and her 2nd Week

Kate and her 3rd Week


Kate and her 4th Week


Shelley lost 4 kilos

Shelley attended the 3 week workshop with Julie Mac and lost 4 kilos - she now knows how easy it is to lose weight once you have the mind working for you.


Kathy lost 10 kilos

It works! Using the techniques of the MindSlim program, along with the Viritual Gastric Band, Kathy has lost 10kg.


Give Julie a call and she can answer your questions 1300 440 163